If you ask ten agents around New Canaan how the market place is lately, you might get ten different answers, depending on whether or not those agents are busy or having success. However, the TRUTH can be gotten from studying the historical data on what is selling and how that compares with prior periods.

Understanding the New Canaan real estate market requires diligent attention and analysis. At Brotherhood & Higley we monitor the market daily in order to keep our clients informed and up to date. We invite you to view this proprietary information as well.

Our Weekly Market Update provides a hot sheet of new properties to the market, recent price changes and sales.

Our Statistical Market Summary features graphs of the New Canaan market, including Absorption Rate, Average Price, Days on Market and List Price to Sale Price ratios. These reports show the historical averages for the New Canaan market over the past year and are helpful in spotting trends and answering where the market has been and where it is going.

Should you be interested in learning about our most detailed reports geared to specific property types and price ranges, please contact us at 203.966.3507.